Introduction and accepting the terms

The General Terms and Conditions of the website, under the domain name (hereinafter referred to as “GameBuddy”), specify terms of use of the website and services provided by the administrator and by the Selling Users. General Terms and Conditions are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia and are in accordance with the laws of the European Union.

The administrator of the website (“The Service provider”) is:

Name : Global Gaming Services d.o.o

Headquarters : Strmec Stubički 124, Općina Stubičke Toplice, Croatia

Office address: Petrovaradinska 1, 4th floor, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

VAT : HR54073250643

Authorised representatives : Kristijan Salijević

Mobile Number: +385 92 343 5846

Business E-mail : [email protected]

Any proclamations of intent between the Users, Selling Users and the Service Provider will be announced in electronic form, which means sending and delivering an e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the registration form.

II. The Service provider administrates and operates on the website designed for buying digital services, the GameBuddy service, in various video games, such as  League of Legends (hereinafter referred to “LOL”), Valorant, Overwatch, World of Warcraft (hereinafter referred to as “WoW”), Counter Strike 2 and others, offered by the Service Provider on this website or any sub-domains, directly, or on behalf of and for the account of the Selling Users.

III. The website is an online platform, where Users are connected to our Selling Users. The website operates as a middleman, providing safety for both the User and the Selling User.

IV. The Service provider does not purchase any digital content, nor accounts, from the Sellers or Selling Users and does not re-sell them to Users.

V. The Service provider does not provide the execution of the services directly. The service enables the option to connect Selling Users and Users.


Account – an account for the User on the website, when activated the User has full capability and functionality of the service available through Selling Users on the website.

Digital services – non-physical services, created on the basis User individual choice or decision. The Service provider, through Selling Users, enables different types of digital services within GameBuddy, such as playing together with the Selling User, the Selling User providing feedback to the Users play and others as defined and described on the Website.

Users – any individual who is eligible to compromise the transactions on the website.

Selling Users – an entrepreneur or individual, who is not an entrepreneur, selling via the GameBuddy website system and being the owner of related game accounts.